If you are dealing with infertility or have lost an infant it can be a very lonely path.  Below you will find links to sites that we have found helpful. We hope that you can also find comfort in knowing that others have walked your path and can understand the thousands of emotions that you encounter every day in your life.  If you have not had a loss, we urge you to still look at some of these sites.  It may help you to understand what your friend or family member is experiencing.


On Line Support

Hannah’s Prayer

Faces of Loss

From Jeannette: When I felt most alone this is the site I visited.  It has stories of mothers that have lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss.  It brings a face to the woman of infant loss.


The Miss Foundation

Babies Remembered

Queen B Project



On Line Baby Loss Magazine

Still Standing Magazine

From Jeannette: This is an on line magazine that was started in May 2012.  The articles are straight from the hearts of parents that have lost a child or have a fertility issue.  It also has great links to other resources.  I recommend visiting this site whether you’ve had a loss or know someone that has had one. 


On Line Classes


From Jeannette: This is an on-line baby loss photography class.  Beryl uses photography and blogging to help with the healing process.  I’m not a photographer and I had never blogged before, but I learrned so much about these subjects and also myself in this class.  It made me focus on what I wanted to photograph and I found that I could still find beauty in my surroundings. 

SBD Doula Birth and Bereavement Program

Baby Loss Family Advisors

From Jeannette: I have not participated in this program, but it is something I’ve been thinking about.  I’d really like to have more understanding on the grief process and feel that because of my personal experience I could help others.  I posted this link because I believe that many of us have that feeling after our loss.  Sometimes it’s part of our healing process to reach out to others and let them know that they aren’t alone.


Lost For Words

From Jeannette: When you don’t know what to say, these cards are perfect!


Portraits by Dana

From Jeannette: Dana did a family picture for us and it is amazing!  She also does beautiful pics for families that have experienced a miscarriage.  You need to check out her site to see the beautiful work!  She also offers Butterflies at the Beach events.  She will select a limited number of people and write the child’s name in the sand.  We have also had this done and love it!

Gifts and Remembrance Products

Precious Moment: Mommy’s Love Goes With You

Remembering Our Babies


Brochure for friends and family

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